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Execs to Know
Meet Jack Holt

Jack Holt is the public affairs planning officer at the Department of Defense specializing in Defense Media Activity.  In addition, he is adjunct faculty at Georgetown…

Execs to Know
Meet Charles Church

Charles Church is a leader in all aspects.  Having years of experience in the military, federal government, government contracting and high tech market places, Church…

Execs to Know
Meet Shana Glickfield

Shana Glickfield is a partner at Beekeeper, a public affairs communications group.  Glickfield helps complete Beekeeper Group’s goal of leading the public affairs sector “toward a…

Execs to Know
Meet Tien Wong

Personal brand is an important aspect to Tien Wong, CEO of Opus8 and Lore Systems.  He believes, like most executives, that your professional and personal selves have…

Execs to Know
Meet Geeta Nayyar

Whether it’s her love for medicine or for people, Geeta Nayyar always wanted to be a doctor.  As the Principle Medical Officer at Vangent, Inc., as…

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