Vistronix, Team Up to Lead ACT-IAC Committee

Deepak Hathiramani, CEO of Vistronix

IT solutions providers, Inc. and Vistronix, Inc. have teamed up to form the Independent Verification and Validation Committee (IV&V) with the American Council for Technology-Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC), to establish the value and purpose of IV&V.

It will give leaders in the public, private and academic sectors an opportunity to discuss best practices within ACT-IAC’s Collaboration and Transformation Shared Interest Group.

“The current business climate affecting government, industry, and education requires effective risk management, quality assurance, and cost control. The discipline of IV&V helps address all of these concerns when applied effectively,” said Michael T. Callihan, AEGIS president and committee co-chair.

“We hope that through the efforts of the IAC IV&V Committee we will foster dialog among the stakeholders to collaboratively identify where and how to apply IV&V activities that truly add value to government, industry, and educational missions.”

ACT-IAC is a public-private partnership organization that collaborates on ways to apply information technology to improve government.



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