WashingtonExec’s Rising Stars of GovCon Hear from Executive Coach, Author Alan Berson

Alan Berson, Leadership Conversations

Alan Berson, Leadership Conversations

Strategic leadership and executive coach Professor Alan Berson spoke with WashingtonExec’s Rising Stars of GovCon Group on the many topics covered in his book Leadership Conversations: Challenging High-Potential Managers to Become Great Leaders.

Berson began his discussion by defining what a leadership conversation is and the increased level of communication skills required in senior leadership positions. He went on to differentiate the mindsets of manager and a leader – and while there is no incorrect mindset, how changing ones views can in turn make an individual a more-qualified leader.

Leading an interactive and open dialogue with the group, Berson used individuals in the audience’s own personal work experiences to better apply his knowledge.

Another aspect of Berson’s presentation was the three different perspectives of leadership conversations. The three perspectives are exchanging ideas, understanding others, and exploring possibilities. Noting that most people fail to practice all of the perspectives, it is those who use all three that stand out as great leaders.

“I always look forward to our formal events because after each presentation I leave with new knowledge and wisdom on how to continuously improve myself, my career and how to become a better leader,” Ashley Antle, Salient Federal Solutions compensation analyst and event attendee said. “Like Alan Berson said, ‘Leadership is a mindset, not a position.’”

Berson’s discussion taught the group of 25 young, high-potential professionals how to grow within an organization, not just as a strong manager, but as a future leader of the industry.

The venue sponsor was Mehul Sanghani, founder and CEO of Octo Consulting Group.

The WashigntonExec Rising Stars of GovCon Group is a unique mix of young professionals who meet six times a year to build their professional network and gain knowledge on how to become more involved in the industry; it’s a mini-MBA program without the case studies.

Jonathan Moneymaker of Altamira is the Chairperson for the Rising Stars of GovCon Group.

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