Todd Stottlemyer Speaks to WashingtonExec EA Committee About Seeking External Executive Mentorships

Todd Stottlemyer, CEO of the Inova Health System's Center for Personalized Health

Todd Stottlemyer, CEO of the Inova Health System’s Center for Personalized Health and Jana DiCarlo, EA Committee Founding Chairperson

Last month WashingtonExec invited Todd Stottlemyer to speak with the WashingtonExec Executive Assistant Committee, the only group in the DC/MD/VA area specially designed for career-long EAs in the government and government contracting sectors. Stottlemyer reviewed how EA s can best seek C-Suite executive mentors outside of their employer network.

Throughout the talk it became apparent that when seeking out mentorship, the need to create a formalized application or interview process is a mere myth. Often times a mentor-mentee relationship blooms from a shred of advice, a cup of coffee or a brief phone call. The discussion highlighted the impact of making diverse connections; EAs should partner with mentors  who do not hold a similar position and who do not work at the same organization.

“Todd stressed the importance of creating your own personal ‘Board of Directors’ to guide you on your path to success. He shared several examples of those who have helped shape his career,” said Jana DiCarlo, Founding Chairperson of the WashingtonExec EA Committee. “EAs are often in contact with some of the most accomplished and influential executives in the area, given those they support. Todd encouraged members to target one or more executives and gave tips for how to approach them with the idea of being their mentor.”

As a multi-time CEO, Stottlemyer recognized the importance of EA loyalty and took the opportunity to receive first-hand experience on how to help strengthen the EA/Executive relationship. Todd was recently named CEO of the Inova Health System’s Center for Personalized Health.

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