5th Annual K-12 STEM Symposium Set for April 14

JD Kathuria (WashingtonExec) and Jonathan Moneymaker (Altamira Technologies)

Building on previous years’ success with convening students, parents and educators to engage in meaningful discourse about science, technology, engineering and math, WashingtonExec is excited to once again announce its K-12 STEM Symposium — this year with a supercharged theme: “Super STEM: Building Tomorrow’s Superheroes, Today.”

Presented by Altamira Technologies, a provider of engineering and analytic services headquartered in Tysons Corner, the April 14 event aims to better link what is learned in the classroom with today’s science and technology capabilities. Last year, Altamira presented the first Girls’ in STEM Wing, which included slime making, drone hacking and make-your-own ice cream station.

“We recognize the global importance of introducing and continuing to engage kids in STEM-related activities that encourage curiosity and helps them associate participation in those activities with solving real-world challenges,” said Jonathan Moneymaker, president at Altamira. “Our support of the STEM Symposium drives progress toward that objective and we are incredibly proud to partner with like-minded organizations like WashingtonExec on that front.”

For years, WashingtonExec covered key educators, academics and science and technology leaders on their plans to modernize the U.S. STEM workforce pipeline and remain competitive towards foreign nations. However, a key asset to the national STEM human capital recruitment process was missing — the kids.

The first K-12 STEM Symposium in 2013 sought to take the U.S. homeland strategy of increasing STEM workforce participation local to the National Capital Region. With the mission of making science and technology cool, engaging and relevant, the inaugural STEM Symposium exceeded all expectations with over 2,500 parent, student and educator attendees, 30 interactive exhibitors and 10 prominent speakers. The event has grown in both size and diversity over the past five years.

“The K-12 STEM Symposium is where parents, children and educators can engage in conversations about STEM and what it means to the country’s future,” said JD Kathuria, WashingtonExec founder and CEO. “The symposium also aims to spur excitement and interest in STEM and the many possibilities it offers in terms of career paths for young, ingenious minds.”

This year’s interactive showcases will include flight simulators, drones and physics experiments. Over 50 exhibitors from nonprofit, government, academia and business will attend. Past attendees included the Smithsonian, NASA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Transportation Department and the Children’s Science Center.

Held at the Nysmith School in Chantilly, Virginia, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., the event is facilitated by the WashingtonExec STEM Council. Sign up for the event here.

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