WashingtonExec Celebrates Four Years with Member, Speakers and Supporters at Annual Congressional Country Club Event

Chris Smith (AT&T), Mark Chadason (MacB), WashingtonExec Internet of Things Council Chairmen

Chris Smith (AT&T), Mark Chadason (MacAulay-Brown, Inc.), WashingtonExec Internet of Things Council Chairmen

Time flies when you are making connections and building relationships. Earlier this month WashingtonExec celebrated four years in business with more than 100 executives, including Council members, past speakers, and long-time supporters, for its annual appreciation event at Congressional Country Club. Despite the less-than-desirable weather, many attendees enjoyed smoking cigars on the balcony overlooking the 18th hole at the program’s conclusion.

The formal agenda included a few transition announcements from WashingtonExec’s legacy Councils, along with remarks from Chairpersons of WashingtonExec’s 10 successful Councils. Mark Chadason (MacAulay Brown, Inc.) stepped down as founding Chairman of the WashingtonExec Intelligence Council but will continue to provide leadership as Vice Chairman of the WashingtonExec Internet of Things Council. Rob Zitz (Leidos) is now Chairman of the WashingtonExec Intelligence Council and discussed a couple exciting and new initiatives for the tight-knit group in the coming year.

“I am very proud of what we on the WashingtonExec Intelligence Council were able to accomplish in just two short years. Although I will miss my time as Chairman, I look forward to working towards my passion – fostering greater understanding of internet of things (IoT) in the conduct of offensive and defensive intelligence missions, and contributing to the meaningful integration of IoT devices and data within the IC to best defeat our adversaries,” said Mark Chadason, Senior Vice President and General Manager, National Security Group, MacAulay-Brown, Inc. and Vice Chairman of the WashingtonExec IoT Council. “As we become more connected with our computers, sensors, machines and devices that serve our everyday needs, IoT has become a crucial topic of discussion and most likely will be the most disruptive phenomenon of the 21st century affecting the defense industrial base. I look forward to helping our federal leaders get ahead of this disruptive technology.”

Gary Shiffman (Giant Oak) is stepping down after two years of hard work as Chairman of the WashingtonExec Big Data Council. Tom Woteki (MAXIMUS) will now chair the Council. Matt Addington (Giant Oak) will take on a new role as Vice Chairman of the WashingtonExec Big Data Council and Dr. Robert Laurine (HP) has agreed to fill the slot as Vice Chairman of the WashingtonExec Intelligence Council.

Chris Smith (AT&T), founding Chairman of the WashingtonExec Internet of Things Council, gave an overview of the different changes, the Internet of Everything has brought to the public sector and why it is a mission-critical technology that will affect every contractor, including the intelligence, defense, healthcare and public safety sectors.

Not to forget about the future leaders of the government contracting industry, WashingtonExec Rising Stars of GovCon founding Chairman Jonathan Moneymaker (Altamira Technologies Corporation) provided insight regarding the 50+ person group of young professionals producing great work in the industry. Due to the overwhelming success of the Rising Stars of GovCon Group, WashingtonExec founded the WashingtonExec Millennial Leadership Development Council, chaired by Andrea Wright (Unissant). The Council will provide participants (with minimum of 4 years of government contracting experience) an opportunity to become further engaged and grow in the competitive GovCon business.

“It was an honor to be recognized as a Chairperson for WashingtonExec in such impressive company. From building next generation of GovCon leaders in the Rising Stars Council to advancing the topics most critical to national security in the Intel Council, JD and the WashingtonExec team are helping transform our market as well as those who lead it,” said Jonathan Moneymaker, Chairman of the GovCon Rising Stars Committee and Chief Strategy Officer at Altamira Technologies Corporation.

WashingtonExec continues to facilitate other topic-enriched Councils, including the Emerging Technologies Council, chaired by Mark Cohn (Unisys Federal Systems), the Federal Acquisition Council for Business Development Professionals, chaired by James Scampavia (AMERICAN SYSTEMS), the Strategic Human Capital Council, chaired by Steve Woolwine (AECOM), the Leadership Council chaired by Greg Baroni (Attain), the Federal Business Council, chaired by Sumeet Shrivastava (Array IT), and the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Council, chaired by Ed Swallow (The Aerospace Corporation).

“Each year WashingtonExec continues to grow and evolve with the advancing needs of the govcon industry. Every executive, through his or her unique personal brand, have deeply contributed to the success of the WashingtonExec community,” said JD Kathuria, CEO of WashingtonExec. “It is an honor to work with such motivated and energized executives. I look forward to continuing our current projects celebrating new initiatives at Congressional Country Club for years to come.”

In March 2015 WashingtonExec also executed the successful K-12 STEM Symposium: The Parent Factor: How to Engage your Kids in STEM, doubling its attendance from the 2014 inaugural symposium, to 2,500 students, parents and teachers. The free, all-day forum equally engaged children, parents, and teachers with exciting activities such as flight simulator competitions, drone demonstrations, 3D printers and robotics teams. Watch the video recap on WashingtonExec’s YouTube Page.

Jonathan Moneymaker (Altamira Technologies Corporation) and Matt Addington (Giant Oak)

Jonathan Moneymaker (Altamira Technologies Corporation, Rising Stars of GovCon Chairman) and Matt Addington (Giant Oak, Big Data Council Vice Chairman)

JD Kathuria (WashingtonExec) and Sid Fuchs (MacAulay-Brown, Inc.)

JD Kathuria (WashingtonExec) and Sid Fuchs (MacAulay-Brown, Inc.)

Jill Bruning (AECOM) and Vincent Mihalk (JACOBS)

Jill Bruning (AECOM) and Vincent Mihalik (JACOBS)

Tom Woteki (MAXIMUS) and Paul Leslie (Dovel Technoloiges)

Tom Woteki (MAXIMUS, Big Data Council Chairman) and Paul Leslie (Dovel Technoloiges)

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