WashExec RollCall: Your Inside Look at Our Network’s Professional Activity

JD Kathuria, WashingtonExec

JD Kathuria, WashingtonExec

WashExec Executive RollCall:
JD Kathuria pulls from the broader WashingtonExec network to dish out the area’s who’s who and what’s what.

When it comes to striking deals, who you know trumps what you know in the government contracting community. And with three years of WashingtonExec’s outcome and result-oriented networking programs and events behind us, I’ve decided to expand our networking offering with some supplementary content.

Let me introduce you to the WashingtonExec Roll Call — a weekly feature within the WashingtonExec e-magazine that leverages our connections to catalog the area’s happenings.

For the past two months we have tapped into our thousands of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and in-person connections to compile and share with you information about the promotions, company switches, job openings and work anniversaries that transpire within the broader WashingtonExec network.

The end result? A running map of who’s where — professionally — in the Greater Washington area.

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Michael Bradshaw, Director, Cloud Platform, East Region at Google

Michael Bradshaw, Director, Cloud Platform, East Region at Google

In this week’s WashExec RollCall we saw nine new hires and three work anniversaries. Also, BISNOW featured Kris Collo and Brad Antle in a story about how their companies have been faring since sequestration. 

Read on for insight about the topics that caught our eyes and ears this past week within our network’s virtual water cooler.

New Hires, Promotions and Board Appointments
Michael Bradshaw is now Director, Cloud Platform, East Region at Google
Becky Graham is now Director of Business Development at Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce
Mike Greaney is now CEO at Force 3
Bill Hoover is now Vice Chairman of the Board at AMERICAN SYSTEMS
Marshall Keith, PMP is now Principal at Deep Water Point
Ralph Kennedy Pope is now Of Counsel at Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, P.A.
William Lee is now Director, Capture Management at TASC
Graeme Newton, will lead Australian Crisis Management at Deloitte Australia
Mike Pullen is now Director Business Development, Strategic Operations at CGI

August Work Anniversaries
Juli Ballesteros this month celebrates 4 years at Hewlett-Packard
Desiree Campbell this month celebrates 3 years at Hewlett-Packard
Steven VanRoekel this month celebrates 3 years at Executive Office of the President
Ellen Walsh this month celebrates 5 years at Attain
Andrea Wright this month celebrates 1 year at Unissant

In the News
BISNOW featured Kris Collo and Brad Antle in a story titled “Sequestration: One Year Later”

Karina Homme (Senior Director, Social Enterprise Transformation at salesforce.com) celebrates a birthday this month

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Please note that we deem this information to be reliable but cannot guarantee its 100 percent accuracy. We invite you to reach out to us at info@washingtonexec.com with any tips/insight you may be able to provide about the RollCall feature.

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