John Rothenberger 2012 Outlook: Realize What Your Company’s “A” Game Is

John Rothenberger, CEO of SE Solutions

2012 is fast approaching, and with it comes big changes in the Federal IT industry.  WashingtonExec is giving local executives the opportunity to share their thoughts on where they see the government contracting industry headed.  Leaders of the industry were asked a series of predictions questions focused on challenging issues such as cloud computing, healthcare IT, defense and so forth.

Today’s 2012 outlook is from John Rothenberger, founder and CEO of SE Solutions. SE Solutions is an IT business services and solutions company founded in the wake of 9/11.

John Rothenberger: “In 2012, there will continue to be quite a bit of uncertainty regarding the prediction of government spending and therefore business revenue sources. There is nothing but economic pressure nationally on all pricing for businesses in almost every industry. Our industry is no exception. In the near term, the climate is not going to change for us here in the Washington Metro area, especially with 2012 being an administration election year. To me, the opportunity lies in our industry by continuing to try and find more ways to “do more, for less” for our federal government. This is a period of time to help the customer base use their money wisely and more efficiently. Using technology to improve efficiencies and help our goverment client better serve their citizen clients and mission is a primary focus of our business in 2012. I also believe that there is increased opportunity for businesses to get much more focused on how they perform business development and deliver innovation. As competition grows for business in an uncertain market, businesses need to get better and better at what they do best. Increased focus on effective business development efforts in areas you are already positioned and performing well in by adding new innovative ideas to solve problems may increase a companies probability of staying in position and expanding to new ones which will be in short supply. Stepped up efforts to develop business in new areas for companies needs to be done smartly and methodically with a watchful eye on progress, cost and opportunity while pursuing new “green pastures” as they say.

At SE, there is a lot more emphasis being placed on discovering and harnessing our own ability to innovate with our in house talent. The notion here is to be closely connected to the people in the field that have an opportunity to be innovative for their client and help them harness that value for the government customer in a meaningful way. From an optimistic eye, these are times to hunker down and realize what your company’s “A” game is, be the best in your competitive circle, and commit to deliver nothing less than the highest level of innovation and value for your government clients.”

Rothenberger previously interviewed and was a participant for the Secrets to Success series on WashingtonExec.

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