John Rothenberger’s Secrets To Success: Stay Close To The Front Lines

New Series: Simple Secrets to Success From Execs Who Know

WashingtonExec reached out to area executives to gain insight and share local “secrets to success” stories. WashingtonExec interviewed John Rothenberger not to long ago about his “Go big or go home” motto, today we learned of how he became one of the areas most successful entrepreneurs through the homeland security company SE Solutions.

Here are some of his leadership-oriented beliefs:

– Its easy to lose sight of this responsibility, but CEO’s and entrepreneurs need to set a vision and the strategy for the company at multiple stages of the businesses life.  This will determine where everyone will focus their efforts. Ask, “are employees linking their jobs to the company vision?”

Regularly link together the vision, strategy, and the tactics to be executed in your plan can set you apart from your competition.  In many industries, top flight execution can give you a competitive advantage.

– Leadership is always about people.  Its about the who, not the what. Its very important to communicate often and honestly as a leader.

-Get and stay as close to the front line people as possible.  They always have the freshest information and they appreciate connecting with leadership in the field.

Write a personal Bill of Rights for yourself as the leader of your company or area in your business.  What are your responsibilities to your people?  For example, “making sure resources are spent wisely.”or “conduct myself with integrity and consistency”

– Try very hard when you look in the mirror, don’t kid yourself.  Solid decision making comes from confronting the facts in business and in life.  If you cant be frank with yourself then you will struggle to make the right decisions for your business.

*This article was featured in the 9/9 /2011 issue of the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority online magazine E-Bird.

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