Emiley Hickok 2012 GovCon Insight: Administration Direct Hires Are Vacating, Now What?

Emiley Hickok,Vermillion Group

Today’s insight comes from Emiley Hickok, Senior Partner and Government Contracting Senior Executive Recruiter for Vermillion Group.

Emiley Hickok: “The landscape is changing, and timing for Federal Contracting has never been better.  Exciting new technologies, new directions, new initiatives mean while our budgets will be tighter, there is opportunity for growth and expansion.  Those corporations who can deliver on technology, and do so at lower costs will evolve the winners.  This year will not be very different from the last two years of deciding our next President.  For our industry, it matters little who/which party we vote into office.  Each new President has their vision, direction, and program emphasis.  At the end of the day, the needs of the country decide where the budget goes.  No Administration will abandon new technologies to protect our country or our people.  They count on doing what is good for the majority in order to gain another term, or at least keep their party in office.

Our industry will be shaped by M&A activity, by companies getting further into Cloud Computing, from Cyber Security, from Renewable Energies, from Healthcare, and the technologies to support Healthcare, as well as Intel and Defense.  These areas will always be evolving and necessary to the US.  Many years ago, I heard an adage which applies to where we are headed and what to expect—“You can’t wait for technology.  What you are looking at today has already been replaced by something in production for sales in the coming months.  And this replacement technology is already outdated by what R&D has on the ‘drawing boards’.

Companies need to invest in R&D in any of the areas above to stay ahead of their competitors.  While doing this, they must provide the best in customer service.  At the end of the day, with so many offering similar products at the same price point, the differentiating factor comes down to customer service.  “People buy from people they like (who can and do deliver).”

The other big change, this administration wanted to bring many consulting positions back inside as direct hires.  Now, within the Federal Government, many of those in positions of authority and knowledge are vacating their positions.  Where does the talent come from for all these positions as we continue to see the Baby Boomers retire?”

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