Top 15 General Counsels to Watch in 2021: CAES’ Bruce Almquist

Bruce Almquist, CAES

Bruce Almquist is helping lead CAES at a time when the company has a new board, new management team, new philosophy — and a new brand. As a member of the executive leadership team, he is part of the force driving execution, growth and a culture of success.

Almquist’s team is responsible for governance, global trade compliance, industrial security, cybersecurity and ethics. With Advent International’s acquisition of Cobham plc, which resulted in CAES’ establishment as a standalone company, the CAES legal team supported the company’s separation from the rest of Cobham’s businesses, ensured the necessary governance and ethics framework were in place and supported the implementation and maintenance of a new industrial security posture as a FOCI-mitigated, U.S.-based company.

“This is a great time to be part of CAES,” Almquist said. “Under the new ownership and leadership team, there is a sense of excitement, urgency and accountability within the business, a greater focus on the customer and a desire to really grow the business.”

Why Watch

Almquist and his team will focus on creating increased value through maintenance of its security and ethics posture, support inorganic growth through acquisitions and support CAES’ investment in key technologies by pursuing more patents.

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