Top 15 General Counsels to Watch in 2021: Siemens Government Technologies’ Matthew Madalo

Matthew Madalo, Siemens Government Technologies

Matthew Madalo’s biggest achievement in 2020 was a team effort in which he was among the SGT employees navigating the COVID-19 pandemic together. 

Whether working through operational shutdowns and employee matters or helping customers serve communities in need because of the pandemic — the entire organization made a difference, Madalo said, emphasizing he is proud of how the organization tackled a tough challenge.

“I owe much of my success to my team at SGT,” Madalo said. “I regularly depend on their expertise and insight to help me navigate the day-to-day challenges of my role. I am especially proud of the passion, knowledge and creativity that my team brings to the job. I feel that I am more successful when they are out in front of the business demonstrating their expertise. My success comes through that open and collaborative environment.”

Why Watch

Madalo is focused on ways to improve the company’s compliance program. He has learned compliance is an ever-evolving and shifting environment. In many ways, compliance is the key to ensuring the strength of the company’s business ethics is reflected in the nation’s values.

“Integrity and accountability in all that we do at SGT will ensure that our nation has a business partner that they can rely on to do the right thing,” Madalo said. “I’m very proud of my team who lead a robust education campaign to help our employees know where to turn for help when an ethical challenge presents itself. I want the SGT team to know they’re never in it alone, and help is just a text or call away.”

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