DHS Retired Senior Exec Valerie Isbell Joins Sev1Tech as Advisor

Valerie Isbell, Sev1Tech

Valerie Isbell, a retired senior executive within the Department of Homeland Security, has joined technology provider Sev1Tech as a strategic board advisor. 

Isbell worked collaboratively with other agencies within the DHS, FBI and State Department on applications and information sharing. In December, she retired from federal service after 37 years with three federal departments.

“I am so excited to have Valerie part of the Sev1Tech advisory team,” said CEO Bob Lohfeld. “Valerie is an inspiration to us all with her deep mission commitment, knowledge, incredible leadership, and her ability to bring teams together to tackle monumental challenges within DHS.”

Isbell began her career as an Army officer serving in leadership positions providing customer service, support for military pay and banking functions. She was detailed in the Department of Justice to the former Immigration and Naturalization Service to work her secondary specialty of system automation under a Department of Defense program to support drug control efforts.

With the formation of DHS in 2003, she served as the senior project manager for the U.S. Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology Program. She later served as the acting deputy assistant commissioner for the Office of Information and Technology.

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