Save the Date: AHA Heart Walk, Nov. 6-8

Ted Davies, Altamira

Ted Davies, Altamira

The American Heart Association will host its annual Heart Walk from Nov. 6-8.

The event includes the opportunity to participate in AHA’s Executives with Heart campaign, a program that gives executives the opportunity to help support the association while networking and investing in a cause they believe in. This program has multiple fundraising goals that executives can aim for by participating in various tasks.

To accept this year’s Executives with Heart challenge, executives must recruit five other executives in the Washington, D.C., area using pre-written emails. To reach the minimum $5,000 goal, AHA suggests making personal donations, reaching out to professional contacts, participating in business partner campaigns and using company matching gifts if possible.

Benefits of joining the campaign include recognition in the Washington, D.C., area at all Heart Challenge events, having the option to attend networking events with local executives and the opportunity to raise money for people suffering from heart disease.

Here are the 2019 Executives with Heart:

  • Owen Billman, Blake Real Estate- 2019
  • Vince Sheehy, Sheehy Auto Store
  • Erich Sanchack, Digital Realty
  • Linda Gooden, Gooden LLC
  • Stephen Lustgarten, Blake Real Estate
  • Sarah Georgiades, ASRC Federal
  • Jean Jordan, Blake Real Estate
  • Jill Singer, AT&T
  • Corey Lyon, ASRC Federal
  • Connie Peduzzi
  • Bill Clark, Blake Real Estate
  • TJ Sterba, DAVIS Construction
  • Mark Benedetti, Blake Real Estate
  • Mike Pittsman, DAVIS Construction
  • Jacob Sapp, ASRC Federal
  • Barbara Azzinaro, NEWH
  • Steve Solomon, Blake Real Estate
  • Marilyn Crouther
  • Kent Matlick, Perspecta
  • Ted Davies, Altamira
  • Vicki Schmanske, Leidos
  • Donna Huff, Geico
  • Rob McHale, Korn Ferry
  • Howard Bernstein, W*USA 9
  • Alex Martin, Korn Ferry
  • Mark White, Perspecta
  • Cheryl Fyock, Deloitte
  • Mark Gray, ASRC Federal
  • Lavonne Pruitt, Blake Real Estate
  • Cedric Henry, Millennium Corp.
  • Kevin Jennings, Millennium Corp.
  • Wayne Lucernoni
  • Barbara Humpton, Siemens USA

WATCH: Booz Allen Hamilton’s Cedric Sims on Supporting AHA Executives with Heart Challenge

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