Geospark Analytics Wins DHS Contract to Leverage Hyperion AI Program

Omar Balkissoon, Geospark Analytics

The Department of Homeland Security has awarded Geospark Analytics a contract for its Hyperion program, an artificial intelligence-driven platform for risk and threat detection.

Hyperion’s AI engine continuously analyzes publicly available information, identifies abnormalities in activity levels and assesses stability and future risk for thousands of regions worldwide. The engine’s cloud-based platform and mobile application provide analysts with situational awareness and forecast of risk.

Geospark Analytics CEO Omar Balkissoon said the company looks forward to assisting the DHS mission.

“Geospark Analytics is proud to partner with the DHS to bring them next generation capabilities,” Balkissoon said. “We are excited to work with them to implement and develop innovative technologies that will advance national security.”

The adaptation of Hyperion will allow DHS to simultaneously better understand current risk and a forecast of the future.

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