SGT Awarded Task Order for Energy-Saving Upgrades at Los Alamos National Lab

Tina Dolph
Tina Dolph

Siemens Government Technologies has won continuing work from the Los Alamos National Laboratory to replace and enhance an aging and inefficient steam plant constructed more than 60 years ago.

The new task order under the Energy Department’s Energy Savings Performance Contract is a $45.8 million implementation contract order. Over the anticipated 21-year performance period, the contract’s total value is $555 million.

As a whole, the full project will significantly increase the lab’s resiliency and energy security, while also reducing energy, water and maintenance costs, the company said.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to perform this essential modernization work and help Los Alamos National Laboratory meet their energy efficiency, resiliency, and CO2 reduction goals,” said Tina Dolph, president and CEO of Siemens Government Technologies. “We look forward to doing our part in supporting the infrastructure that allows the researchers and scientists to perform their critical work on behalf of the nation.”

The contract, which will draw on the expertise of Siemens’ Power and Gas and Power Generation Services Division will be implemented in several phases.

The first phase includes upgrading an existing gas turbine and installing a new generator, installing two new high-efficiency boilers and a new high-pressure gas line with a new gas compressor for maximum efficiency and throughput. Subsequent phases will incorporate the replacement of a failing steam condensate return system with a protected durable condensate return. That’s essential for greater heating capacity and flexibility as well as the introduction of a complete combined heat and power system with auxiliary boilers for redundant heat capacity.

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