Top 10 Cyber Execs to Watch

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Top 10 Execs To Watch In Cyber Security

It’s no secret: America is under attack online every day. Organizations of all sizes get bombarded with digital threats 24/7, and the velocity and volume of the vulnerabilities, breaches and hacks just keep growing. Successful cybersecurity executives not only need the technical know-how to safeguard systems and information but to always be one step ahead of the adversaries.

The following 10 executives have proven themselves capable of doing so. These execs range from chief technologists to senior cyber leads to company vice presidents and presidents, all with the common goal of defending their organizations and customers from the ever-evolving threats.

Why Watch: These leaders play key roles in strategizing, developing and implementing cyber defenses to keep pace with emerging technologies. They continue to push the envelope on innovation, with an eye, ultimately, toward creating a culture of security and resilience, and they understand the importance of cyber education and awareness. So when — it’s not a question of if — the next cyber catastrophe strikes, these cutting-edge leaders are prepared.  

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  1. Congratulations John,
    Glad to hear your important work is recognized. Too often this is not the case.

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