Former CIA CTO Joins Acreto Board to Work on IoT Security

Bob Flores

The former chief technology officer of the CIA Bob Flores is joining the advisory board of Acreto IoT Security, the company announced.

The intelligence community veteran — who served six presidents from Carter to Obama — will work with Acreto’s management team on building an advanced security platform for internet of things technologies, particularly those using crypto and blockchain.

“Throughout my career at the CIA, we solved complex challenges by applying reliable and effective approaches and technologies,” Flores said. “Even if it meant creating them ourselves. Though Crypto-IoT addresses several problems, it also creates completely new challenges. Today, Crypto-IoT has globally distributed exposure points numbering in the billions and growing. A complete rethinking of cyber-security is needed for IoTs. Acreto’s innovative rethinking of security for this new challenge is nothing short of impressive. I’m very much looking forward to contributing to a great team.”

The company pointed to the need to address increasingly complex security challenges of Crypto-IoT platforms, which are being embedded into many industries.

“Bob is experienced at the toughest security job on the planet – defending the U.S. from the world’s most motivated and well-funded bad actors,” said Babak Pasdar, Acreto CEO and CTO. “He brings the same critical thinking and leadership he applied to global challenges like the cold war and war on terror, to Acreto.”

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