Top 10 Health Care Leaders To Watch: Erik Buice, Northrop Grumman

Eric Buice, Northrop Grumman

Eric Buice, Northrop Grumman

Even though Erik Buice has focused primarily on health and civilian customer bases over the past 20 years, he has also led the Cyber and IT Services business unit supporting Defense Department customers. His work at Northrop Grumman involves delivering health solutions to federal, state, commercial and international customers. His department focuses on areas such as benefits management, health data integration and analytics, and innovative health solutions. One area the department has concentrated on is helping to prevent Medicare fraud through the use of predictive analytics. “We’ve continued to invest and enhance this capability and are looking to bring our Fraud Waste and Abuse (FWA) expertise to additional health clients such as the VA,” he says.

Why Watch:

Buice’s group is on the leading edge of synthetic biology. “There is tremendous potential and opportunities around bio-defense, emerging bio-sensors and new materials that will be lighter and stronger,” he says. The group is advancing operational medicine in the military health arena by applying its extensive corporate expertise to the areas of medical logistics and medical command and control. “Our systems will integrate data across the battle space and improve situational awareness for in-theater medical care,” Buice adds.

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