IRS Brings Back Annual Industry Day

In an interview with “Government Matters,” Harrison Smith, deputy chief procurement officer at the Internal Revenue Service, affirmed the success of the year’s industry day.

This event was an opportunity for the IRS to exhibit its long-term goals and strategic plans with individuals from various sectors, fostering public-private relationships.

In addition to industry day, the IRS also held its first-ever reverse industry day. Private sector folks communicated how they interpret information from the IRS.

“One of the areas that became really important for us to understand, as IRS personnel, is what are the unintended consequences of our actions?” Smith said.

Smith called the IRS’ procurement mission as “a customer experience standpoint” in which the agency has a handful of customers, including the chief information officer, taxpayers and the private sector. Industry and the IRS must create a two-way street to make the market more efficient.

Going forward, the IRS plans to continue both events on an annual basis.

To watch the interview, click here.

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