Salient CRGT Offers New Health Care Analytics Solution

Ian Graham

Ian Graham, VP of data analytics at Salient CRGT

Salient CRGT has a new offering for federal government customers that uses advanced data analytics to spur health care modernization, reduce costs and deliver solutions to today’s crucial health issues.

HealthAccel, Salient CRGT’s proprietary approach, was born of its February acquisition of Springfield, Virginia-based Information Innovators Inc., which focused on health IT. The influx of new health care expertise allowed Salient CRGT to better leverage its data analytics services for the federal agencies that deal with health care, said Ian Graham, vice president of data analytics at Salient CRGT, who spearheaded the HealthAccel initiative.

“This was a perfect opportunity, since we joined those two companies together, to take advantage of the competencies from both,” Graham told WashingtonExec. “So we put together the analytics from the Salient CRGT side with the health domain expertise from the Triple-i side and essentially used the strengths of both to put an offering together.”

Health was a relatively new focus for Salient CRGT, and it took some time to integrate the teams and capabilities. Now, however, the company is ready to put its HealthAccel offering to work supporting solutions to crucial health issues such as preventing veteran suicides, reducing opioid abuse and many others.

HealthAccel uses a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to cut time and costs in agencies’ data analytics projects, according to Salient CRGT. The system uses three key components: a Health Analytics Framework, which ensures successful technical implementations while remaining focused on agencies’ business missions; a Health Analytics Companion, which provides a library of past research and best practices and an on-call team of data analytics and health domain experts; and Health Analytics Accelerators, which aim to improve speed and efficiency while minimizing risk.

“Health analytics holds the potential power to transform health care organizations and solve the challenges that have plagued the health care industry for decades,” said Tom Ferrando, president of Salient CRGT. “Salient CRGT’s HealthAccel employs a mission-first approach by combining our health and data analytics offerings to save agencies time and money and ensure mission success.”

Salient CRGT has previously advocated for greater use of analytics to help government agencies in important decision-making. Cindy Walker, vice president of Salient CRGT’s Data Analytics Innovation Center, spoke on that topic at the Enterprise Transformation Subcommittee of INSA, highlighting the factors government agencies should consider as they decide how to implement or broaden their use of modeling, simulation and analytics.


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