National Figures from Present and Past Attend 2017 STEM Symposium

Leading the way in science, technology, engineering and math is as American as apple pie. On Saturday, STEM Symposium attendees got a chance to meet some of the people that have made that possible:

Benjamin Franklin and Ed Swallow, the vice president of Vaeros at the Aerospace Corporation

Benjamin Franklin

One of our nation’s most well-known scientists as the discoverer of electricity, creator of the rocking chair, and, on Saturday, the gentleman who showed us all how cool science can be. Even STEM veteran Ed Swallow, of the Aerospace Corporation, wanted to get a picture!



Representatives Gerry Connolly and Barbara Comstock

A George Mason University student presents her work to Representative Gerry Connolly. Take a closer look! One student’s work was on Zika eradication; the other’s was building models to stop illegal poaching.

Ben isn’t the only member of government that cares about STEM. Both Barbara Comstock (R VA-10) and Gerry Connolly (D VA-11) gave keynote addresses on Saturday about the importance of STEM education– and they would know! They took the opportunity to learn from some of the amazing students whose work was on display.

Representative Barbara Comstock with students and their robot, SmartAlec.










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