“Best One Yet!” WashingtonExec STEM Symposium Highlights

Students and parents alike learned from exhibitors at the 2017 STEM Symposium.



You could crack code. You could race presidents. You could even walk off the top of a building (a virtual one, that is)!

With some old favorites and some new ones, this year’s STEM Symposium has been the best one yet. Vencore brought a flight simulator, and presenting sponsor LGS Innovations set up a station where kids learned to reverse engineer remote-controlled cars.

2017 STEM Symposium presenting sponsor LGS Innovations taught students about the RF spectrum through reverse engineering!

We even had a few celebrities, including astronauts and government leaders. “STEM is the future,” said JD Kathuria, CEO of WashingtonExec. “Seeing kids get excited and engaged– it’s why we keep doing this year after year.” This is WashingtonExec’s fourth STEM Symposium.

LGS’ virtual reality showcase was popular among the grownups– as was the Tesla Model X– but the kids’ winner of the day was… SLIME! In Altamira’s Girls in STEM wing, kids learned all about chemistry by playing with goo!

Racing with the National’s mascot at the Nysmith School



Stay tuned for more highlights! Got some of your own? Share them with us! Email Ariel@washingtonexec.com or find us on Twitter, @ArielAtWork or @WashingtonExec.



Thank you to everyone who helped make this our biggest and best STEM Symposium to date, and especially to our sponsors, LGS Innovations, Altamira, Vencore, Siemens, the Aerospace Corporation, and the Nysmith School.

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