WashingtonExec Rising Stars of GovCon Committee Host Discussion on Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness

Michael Plymack, Lisa Shea Mundt

Dr. Curt Buermeyer, Lisa Shea Mundt and Michael Plymack

In Spring 2016 the WashingtonExec Rising Stars of GovCon Committee met at Attain Headquarters in Tysons Corner, Virginia to discuss how the first step to becoming a more effective leader begins with self-awareness of ones emotional intelligence and values.

Dr. Curt Buermeyer, founder and CEO of LeadPeople LLC, a boutique leadership development and executive coaching firm, began the conversation by highlighting the four components of self-awareness: your personality, values, intelligence and competencies.

“How you’re wired,” Buermeyer says depends on the individual’s level of openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. These five attributes are at the core of understanding your values and personal goal setting.

One cannot overtime develop their personality, intelligence (reasoning abilities), or values – those are innate traits unique to the individual. However, core competencies can be developed through experience and practice, according to Buermeyer.

Knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses is important as well, as Buermeyer notes that individuals should be leveraging their strengths 80 percent of the time, and use remaining time fixing and improving weaknesses.

Self-awareness is critical to being an effective leader because as Buermeyer finds, in order to manage relationships you first have to be able to manage yourself.

Speaker Mike Plymack was there to give the executive perspective on the importance of emotional intelligence in effective leadership. Plymack has worked for IBM, MAXIMUS, Vangant, and was COO of Serco Inc.

“Emotional intelligence is not just charm school,” says Plymack. In addition to Buermeyer’s points, Plymack added that when it comes to emotional intelligence it is also important to recognize opposing viewpoints in all arguments.

The WashingtonExec Rising Stars of GovCon Leaders Group is chaired by Lisa Shea Mundt of AOC Key Solutions. The group is exclusive to young professionals and Millennials in the Washington, D.C. area, who work in the government or government contracting industry and who have one or both parents who also work in the business.

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