Jango Unwalla Named Chief Marketing Officer at Unissant

Jango Unwalla, Chief Marketing Officer, Unissant

Jango Unwalla, Chief Marketing Officer, Unissant

Data Analytics provider, Unissant announced on February 9th that it has appointed Jango Unwalla as Chief Marketing Officer which is a newly created position at the company. Unwalla previously served as the Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Unissant. With his new position Unwalla will continue to focus on business development and will now be responsible for market research, pricing, branding and communications while reporting directly to the Founder and CEO of Unissant, Manish Malhotra.

Unwalla has over 20 years of experience in the areas of business strategy, operations, marketing, sales and business development. Prior to his time at Unissant, Unwalla served as a Director at Optimos, Inc and also held executive positions at technology companies in the Asia-Pacific region.

Malhotra stated, “Jango was one of the first people I hired 10 years ago. His contributions have been invaluable to our long-term growth. He is outstanding at business development, passionate about data and technology, and a trusted partner to everyone he has ever worked with. I am delighted he will serve in this new leadership role as we expand our reach across the Military Health System and the financial markets.”

“I’m proud of Unissant’s growth and I’m very excited about our innovative service offerings in big data and advanced data analytics. We’re helping commercial and government organizations use the information they collect to make critical business decisions. The demand for Unissant’s services is growing and the company’s future is extremely bright,” said Unwalla.

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