WashingtonExec’s Inaugural Top 30 Execs to Watch List Spotlight: Brian Clark, NCI Inc.

Brian J. Clark, NCI Inc.

Brian J. Clark, NCI Inc.

What’s coming next? The key government contracting leaders aren’t just asking the question, they’re shaping the conversation. In WashingtonExec’s inaugural list of Top 30 Executives to Watch, we turn the spotlight on industry leaders who are positioning their companies for greater growth and relevance ahead. Selected by industry colleagues, these leaders hail from a diverse range of companies, where they’re fueling new ways of thinking and responding to the many challenges faced by their government customers. From cybersecurity to national defense, healthcare IT to big data, the needs will only grow as we settle into this Presidential election year and beyond. Throughout, we’re placing our bets that these industry leaders will continue to drive value and exceed expectations across all levels of government.

Top 30 Execs to Watch Spotlight:

Brian Clark was named CEO of NCI, Inc. in August 2015, after serving as President of the publically-traded company for three years. A new CEO at only 44, NCI, Inc. had a few large contract wins and acquired the data strategy and analytics company Computech Inc. January 2015.

Clark recently said in a WashingtonExec interview, “If I could plan out the perfect scenario today, it would be $500 million by the end of 2017 with a more diversified customer base. Half of the business would be DOD and Intel, and we’ve just got to continue this base and have some growth along the way to do that. Our health business is 22 percent today, and that would basically continue to hold its share, and it would still represent about a quarter of the business, as we would continue to grow toward our next goal of $500 million.”

Reason to watch: It will be interesting to see the how this CFO-turned CEO makes his mark on NCI.

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