Raytheon|Websense Announces New Company Name – Forcepoint

John McCormack, CEO, Forcepoint

John McCormack, CEO, Forcepoint

On January 14th Raytheon|Websense announced its new company name, Forcepoint. The new name was brought about as a result of the successful integration of Websense, Raytheon Cyber Products and the Stonesoft next-generation firewall (NGFW) business. The acquisition of the Stonesoft next-generation firewall and sidewinder proxy firewall techniques was finalized in January 2016.

John McCormack, CEO of Forcepoint stated, “With Forcepoint, organizations can protect users, networks and data in the cloud, on the road, and in the office. We simplify compliance, enable better decision-making and streamline security so that our customers can concentrate on what’s important to them. We will provide a unified cloud-centric platform to defend against attacks, detect suspicious activity sooner, and give the context needed to decide what actions to take to defeat the attack and stop data theft. Defend, detect, decide, defeat – this is our vision for Forcepoint 4D Security. We have the expertise, financial commitment and ongoing access to unique, defense-grade security technology necessary to deliver on this vision.”

Forcepoint will offer its customers a unified, cloud-centric platform that will protect against threats from insiders and outsiders and stop theft. With the recent acquisition of Stonesoft and Sidewinder and new company name Forcepoint will be launching its three new products; SureView Insider Threat 8.0, cloud-based protection of Office 365, and Stonesoft NGFW.

Dan Wilson, Executive Vice President of Partner Solutions for Optiv, a market-leading provider of end-to-end cyber security solutions stated, “A platform solution that both simplifies and strengthens security as part of a holistic strategy that includes people, process and technology is a far more compelling value proposition than a simple point solution. Forcepoint’s platform focuses on insider threat protection, cloud data protection and network security. We’re seeing clients ask for these capabilities and are excited to see how Forcepoint delivers.”

Christian Christiansen, Program Vice President, Security Products at IDC stated, “Forcepoint is a new company with a comprehensive approach to addressing the evolving security needs of organizations across the globe. Most importantly, Forcepoint is focused on enabling companies to do business securely in new and exciting ways by taking advantage of cloud computing, mobility, and other disruptive techniques.”

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