NetApp Welcomes Security Firms to Cyber Alliance Program

Tom Georgens, President and CEO, NetApp

Tom Georgens, President and CEO, NetApp

NetApp has announced that a multitude of security companies have joined their Cyber Alliance program. The NetApp Cyber Alliance is a collaborative program designed to establish partnerships and to enhance the interoperability of cyber solutions based on NetApp storage, virtualization, and big data technologies. The program’s main goal is to develop capabilities that enable organizations to better mitigate and respond to cyber threats.

“Cross-collaboration between the leading security companies is essential for delivering the best security solutions to our government customers,” said Mark Weber, president of U.S. Public Sector at NetApp. “The growing list of members of the Cyber Alliance all bring cutting-edge technology that delivers the security that agency executives are looking for. Our ability to work together on a proven, integrated solution brings the best value to our customers.”

The alliance offers a broad range of integrated solutions to meet every agency’s cyber security challenges. Companies that have joined the Cyber Alliance include:

  • Pulse Technologies
  • Merlin International
  • Cybertap
  • Unisys
  • Glimmerglass
  • Tripwire
  • Splunk

Darren Cummings, CEO and Founder of SAIFE said both his firm and NetApp have the same mission; to provide comprehensive security solutions for our government agencies. He added, “Our security as a service framework secures and manages digital communication on many existing devices, networks, and infrastructures, including protecting and transporting data and voice over mobile devices, commercial networks, and public cloud infrastructures.”

Tim Sullivan, President and CEO of nPulse Technologies, Inc. said that joining forces with NetApp as a charter member of the Cyber Alliance Program has accelerated their business. “It has enabled us to offer an orthogonal solution to the problem of providing 30 days’ full packet capture on 10 gigabit per second networks by combining our speed of capture with NetApp’s scale of storage. We have proved our NetPulse solution through several successful pilots of the technology across the federal government, which are now moving to deployment.”


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