The Northrop Grumman Foundation to Continue Sponsorship of CyberPatriot

Sandra Evers-Manly, President of the Northrop Grumman Foundation

The Northrop Grumman Foundation recently presented a $4.5 million grant to the Air Force Association (AFA) for CyberPatriot, and announced it will continue to be the leading sponsor of the school cyber defense competition. Contributing to the program since 2010, the foundation will support CyberPatriot competitions though 2016, with a goal of expanding into middle schools and internationally.

Northrop Grumman Program Director of CyberPatriot Diane Miller said the expansion to middle schools is a pivotal time when students begin to determine their interest in STEM disciplines. “This age group is operating in a cyber-enabled world, so it’s critical that we increase their awareness of cyber safety, cyber defenses and the life skills needed to succeed in this burgeoning career field. Our continued commitment will also ensure international expansion of CyberPatriot to cultivate young talent and build a global team of qualified cyber defenders.”

The Northrop Grumman Corporation offers internships to CyberPartiot competitors and contributes its employees, volunteers and resources to the competition. The company also awards scholarship funds to winning teams. The competition has grown 86 percent since Northrop Grumman became a presenting sponsor in 2010.

President of the Northrop Grumman Foundation Sandra Evers-Manly said the foundation is thrilled to continue their partnership with the Air Force Association and again be the presenting sponsor of CyberPatriot. “We’ve seen explosive growth in the competition, with students from diverse backgrounds and from every corner of the U.S. participating and getting excited about careers in cybersecurity.” She added, “We share a mission to help improve the quality of STEM education from early grades through the university level. Through CyberPatriot, we can reach out into schools across the country and around the world to teach and inspire students to explore the exciting world of cybersecurity.”

The Air Force Association created CyberPatriot to inspire and encourage high-school students to consider careers in cybersecurity and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.


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