Save The Date: INSA Cyber Innovation Symposium September 26

Ellen McCarthy, INSA

The INSA Cyber Council will host a Cyber Innovation Symposium at the Ronald Reagan Center in Washington, D.C. to examine cyber initiatives being undertaken by government, industry and academia in the technology, education and intelligence professions.

Speakers  from government, industry and academia will include Chris Inglis of NSA, Tim Reardon of Lockheed Martin and Rick Ledgett of NSA NTOC.

Three panels will be included in the symposium. The Tech Innovation Panel will include demonstrations of ground-breaking cyber technologies from the public and private sectors. The Cyber Skill Sets and Education Panel will teach the work being down across all sectors to prepare the next generation of cyber warriors for future careers.  The Cyber Intelligence Panel will discuss new strategies used to combat cyber threats.

Find more information or register for the event here.




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