Kiersten Todt Coon Launches New Business, Liberty Group Ventures

Kiersten Coon, Liberty Group Ventures

There is a new small, woman-owned business in the area, and it’s called Liberty Group Ventures, LLC. Just launched, the company will develop risk management solutions to help organizations become more resilient and enable them to prepare for and respond to all hazards: physical (natural and man-made) and non-physical (brand and reputation management).

It’s president and CEO, Kiersten Todt Coon, served as a partner of Good Harbor Consulting before founding Liberty Group Ventures. As a partner, she supported the Arlington Office of Emergency Management in the development of the Northern Virginia (NOVA) Recovery Resource Initiative. This initiative convened private, public and nonprofit representatives to examine recovery resource management.

“Liberty Group Ventures focuses on each client’s needs and goals,” says Coon. “We apply best practices and lessons learned to develop customized, dynamic solutions to help clients become more resilient, agile and effective in handling their unique risks.”

The company leads Fortune 500 corporations, local and state governments, colleges and universities, sports stadiums, and other organizations in the development of lean, innovative preparedness and resiliency solutions.
Liberty Group Ventures offers the following custom services: cybersecurity gap analyses, crisis management training, and tabletop exercises to help organizations develop sophisticated and dynamic hazard preparedness, response, and recovery plans.

Prior to joining Good Harbor Consulting, Coon was at the White House and on Capitol Hill. She also helped draft the legislation that created the Department of Homeland Security. Coon’s security and risk management template for campuses that applies the strategic lessons of U.S. national security was created in response to the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings.



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