Steven VanRoekel, First Day As Federal CIO, What Industry Leaders Hope For The Future

After saving the federal government 3 billion dollars and implementing numerous transparency programs, such as the first Federal IT Dashboard,, and, Vivek Kundra is stepping down as our nation’s first federal CIO for a position at Harvard University. Leaving a legacy of cloud-computing, reducing a significant number of federal IT data centers (100 closings estimated by 2012) and increasing transparency in government, Kundra’s work will surly be missed.

Our nation’s new federal CIO is former Microsoft executive Steven VanRoekel. VanRoekel is also the former managing director of the FCC. In pace with today being VanRoekel’s  first day on the job, WashingtonExec asked area industry leaders what they hope to see from the new federal CIO and gave them a chance to wish him well.

“Given the unprecedented budget challenges, it is critical for the new Federal CIO to drive collaboration across government and industry to evolve the way IT is purchased, governed, and managed so it is as cost-effective as possible. Engaging stakeholders such as CFOs, acquisition experts, program managers, and industry would bring together diverse perspectives and innovative ideas and models that can help transform government services,” Toni Townes-Whitley, Vice-President, CGI.


“Given the government’s budgetary constraints, Steven VanRoekel must focus on how the government can leverage private sector advances in technology and innovation to achieve its mission with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.  Increased dialogue and partnership with the private sector will be extremely valuable to Steve as he attempts to help the government do more with less,” Bobbie Kilberg, President and CEO of NVTC.



“On behalf of the Small and Emerging Contractors Advisory Forum (SECAF) and our growing community of over 400 small and emerging Government contractor member companies, I’d like to welcome the appointment of Steven VanRoekel as the next Federal CIO.  Steven’s experience in IT presents a great opportunity for the region and for our member base, as it signifies the continued commitment of the Administration to transform Federal IT and build on the momentum created by Vivek Kundra.  I would encourage Steven to tap into the technology innovation in Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, and Performance Management, which our SECAF member companies are developing every day to solve complex Government problems.  Steven’s focus to quickly deploy technologies from our innovative companies is critical for our collective success.  We at SECAF are standing ready to support Steven and our Federal Government,” Shiv Krishnan, Chairman of SECAF,  Chairman and CEO of INDUS.

1.  “Kundra’s leadership and vision have established frameworks on which Steven VanRoekel must now execute, expectations have been set and how far VanRoekel carries the ball toward results may be a large part of how his effectiveness and success as CIO are measured.”

2.  “Key areas of focus should be on driving forward the reforms set forth in Kundra’s 25 Point Plan, accelerating cloud adoption, and fostering the momentum of innovative, forward thinking that can continue to affect progress toward cost-savings and America’s technological competitive edge,” said Greg Baroni, founder, chairman and CEO of Attain.


“Steve VanRoekel is a great choice as his combination of expertise in the private sector and experience working with senior policymakers will allow him to bolster and expand upon the programs that Vivek Kundra put in place, and make immediate progress on innovative, capable IT for the Federal Government that is both enabling and assured,” Ellen McCarthy, President of INSA.



“Steven’s immediate focus should be to ensure that federal agencies don’t lose momentum on Vivek’s initiatives such as Cloud First, data center consolidation and the 25-Point Plan. There is an opportunity for Steven to provide a vision for how technology innovations can address deficit and budget challenges as well as improve government services,” PV, VP and Managing Partner of Civilian Agencies, Federal Systems at Unisys.



*Also read Vivek Kundra’s parting assessment, Reflections on Public Service.

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