WashingtonExec Flash Summit Event: “A Time For Innovation”

WashingtonExec hosted the Innovation in Government Flash Summit at the Digital Management Inc (DMI Inc) office suite in downtown D.C. a last week. The Flash Innovation Summit was inspired by pop culture incidents such as “flash mobs,” “smart mobs” and recent “metro-dancing flash mobs.” With a slogan of “get in. get out. get on with business,” WashingtonExec sought to bring a new type of venue and excitement to the drab world of Draconian networking for IT professionals.

Top information technology companies showcased new and innovative technology ranging from geospatial information systems, cloud computing, to mobility through 15-20 minute intervals engaging federal government as well as business executives and professionals.

The Fourteen demonstrations total showcased in 4 different rooms for the hour and a half time period. Popular demonstrations included Trusted Computing from the National Security Agency (NSA), On-Demand Services in a Cloud Environment, presented by DMI, as well as Secure Mobile Apps for the Enterprise, also presented by DMI.

Palantir Technologies showcased Advanced Information Analysis Platform, Wavesys demonstrated Deploy and Manage Enterprise Trusted Computing, QUMU showed Collaborative Enterprise Video Management, Core Security Technologies performed Enterprise-wide Automated Security Testing, Telcordia showed how to Detect Malware from Insiders, DMI presented Situational Awareness with the Cybersecurity Dashboard, Looking Glass introduced its Global Cyber Situational Awareness, and Referentia Systems presented Intelligent Network Management.

Despite a heat index well over 110 degrees, over 75 professionals participated in the rooftop networking event after the demonstrations. Keynote speaker Dave L. McClure, Associate Administrator of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies at the General Services Administration (GSA), acknowledged the mounting issues facing the federal government and called for government contractors to see this time as an opportunity for innovation and progress. ” Budgets are tight, this is the time that real modernization and technological efficiency will occur,” said McClure. “Government contractors are a lean and agile industry. Advancement in technology, like those featured today, will continue to drive America forward.”

The Flash Summit showcased DMI’s new innovation center overlooking the Capital Building and consisted of top Washington, D.C. Area technology leaders as well as federal government personnel.


Dave McClure overseas  key open government and transparency initiatives and heads the application of new technology and innovation for the federal government.

DMI, Inc is a leading provider of IT solutions and business consulting to the public and private sectors, headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland.

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