Thrive DC to Partner With Zipcar To Support DC Shelters

Thrive DC, a nonprofit homeless shelter provider announced yesterday it will be partnering with Zipcar, Inc. to provide transportation of goods to DC-area homeless shelters.

Thrive DC, nervous that upcoming budget cuts may cut DC’s traditional social service providers, has been exploring corporate partnerships to keep its aid work operational. The Zipcar partnership, scheduled to start on May 26, will allow members to volunteer to use Zipcar vehicles to deliver donated food from Thrive DC to area shelters.

“We’re thrilled that community-conscious corporations like Zipcar are able to provide services and goods; thus making a tremendous difference in our ability to serve the neediest in Washington,” said Alicia Horton, Thrive DC’s executive director.

“Zipcar is all about being local, and we’re proud to make positive changes within our community by working with organizations like Thrive DC,” added Ellice Perez, Zipcar DC’s general manager.

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