Core180 Direct Rebrands, Now Named “DBR360”

Fairfax-based telecom company Core180 Direct has rebranded and relaunched itself, announcing Monday that it will now be known as “DBR360.”

The company said the rebranding was necessary because of “the company’s evolution beyond its original scope and focus, and the significant expansion of its business activities and capabilities.”

“In response to our clients’ evolving needs we’ve expanded our service to ensure the continuity between the application and the underlying network,” explained David Baule, DBR360’s founder and CEO. “We design, build, and run optimized network infrastructure solutions based on this holistic approach— and to reflect this focus, we’ve renamed ourselves DBR360.”

“The DBR360 value proposition is analogous to that of package delivery companies,” continued Baule. “We design and deploy optimized networks to manage the logistics of delivering packages, globally and securely. Of course, our sole focus is on the management and delivery of digital assets. Similar to the way FedEx or UPS locates its facilities near airport hubs and leverages sophisticated technologies, DBR360 is located within carrier hub facilities leveraging advanced access and transfer solutions. As a result, we are able to customize the delivery strategy in order to align with each customer’s business objectives.”

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