GlobalLogic Acquires Rofous, Expands Footprint Into India

GlobalLogic, a software research and development company, announced yesterday it has acquired Rofous Software, a product and engineering company with offices in both the US and India.

The acquisition of Rofous, whose client base includes such popular applications like LinkedIn and Stryker, allows GlobalLogic to expand its global presence to include India.

“I am very excited about combining forces with Rofous, which will be GlobalLogic’s largest acquisition to date,” said Peter Harrison, GlobalLogic’s CEO. “Rofous is attractive because of its marquee clients, highly talented workforce, complementary offerings, and strong presence in Hyderabad. In particular, its content engineering expertise will broaden our own R&D service offerings — especially with clients in the e-commerce and information services sectors. The combination of our two firms brings our global workforce to over 5,500 and means we now serve half of the top 20 global technology firms.”

Rofous Software’s co-founder and CEO, Brahma Naidu Vella also welcomed the move, saying he sees the acquisition as an opportunity.

“We see significant potential synergies between our teams, as both of our corporate cultures embrace values of innovation, risk-taking, and exceeding client expectations,” he said. “We believe GlobalLogic’s global vision and client-focused execution provide great opportunities for both our customers and our employees. Our ownership mentality and spirit of cooperation drive opportunities for enrichment and advancement of our globally connected teams, while helping our customers deliver high-quality products to market rapidly and cost-effectively.”

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