Navigating to Industry Seminar Council

  • Mark Chadason, Navigating to Industry Seminar Chairman
    Mark Chadason,Navigating to Industry Seminar Chairman

    Mark Chadason is the chairman of the Navigating to Industry Seminar Council.  Previously, Chadason was the Senior Vice President of the National Security Group for MacAulay-Brown, Inc. (MacB). In this role, Chadason was responsible for managing and cultivating relationships with National Intelligence, Homeland Security and Defense Intelligence customers throughout the United States.

    Prior to joining MacB, Chadason was Senior Vice President of the Space, Security, Cyber and Intelligence (SSCI) Business Unit at ManTech International. As head of SSCI, Chadason managed four major divisions that focused on mission support to CIA, DIA, DNI, DoD, NRO, NSA, additional Intelligence Community agencies and several military commands. In this position, Chadason was responsible for 1,300 employees with annual revenue of over $250 million. He also served as executive officer of the Special Programs Oversight Committee (SPOC) on ManTech’s Board of Directors, where he was responsible for the oversight of a large number of special access and highly sensitive or hazardous programs.

    Chadason is a member of the INSA Executive Committee and gave insight regarding his 2013 national security industry outlook to WashingtonExec.