Salient CRGT Lands $70M Navy Contract

Tom Ferrando

Tom Ferrando, Salient CRGT

Technology provider Salient CRGT has won a $70 million new contract in support of the U.S. Navy’s foreign military sales case, supporting the Royal Saudi Naval Forces’ training, logistics support and English-language instruction.

The Navy uses international security assistance processes to promote interoperability with coalition with partner nations by procuring, integrating, training and supporting integrated naval capabilities. It also provides extensive logistics support to foreign nations globally and English-language instruction to prepare allied and coalition partners to take more advanced technical training in the U.S.

These contracts provide training services, including curriculum development, as well as execution and facilitation of courses, in America and abroad.

The company’s work on its existing RSNF contract, combined with its broad knowledge of technical and job-specific training development, proved to be the best value to the Navy, said Salient CRGT CEO Tom Ferrando. 

“We are committed to continuing our outstanding relationship with NETSAFA; a relationship built on years of successfully supporting their RSNF partner and delivering the high-level training required to truly build partner capacity in a strategically vital part of our world,” he added.

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