Top 10 CISOs to Watch in 2021

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Top 10 CISOs to Watch in 2021 - Presented by Dell Technologies

The cyberthreat landscape is constantly evolving — creating new challenges, expanding vulnerabilities and leading to more sophisticated hacks and breaches. And when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the nation turned to a largely remote workforce, government and industry had to find ways to secure work environments at home to fulfill critical missions. GovCon is in a never-ending fight to preemptively detect threats and to actively defend systems — in the office and at home — networks and enterprisewide IT infrastructures to secure the nation.

The cybersecurity execs leading these efforts are working to strategically, efficiently and securely improve and innovate system processes — no matter what comes their way. WashingtonExec’s Top 10 CISOs to Watch in 2021 highlights industry executives who consistently stay one step ahead of adversaries, equipped with the technical know-how to safeguard systems and information. They have achieved significant milestones and goals during an unprecedented year, with the support of strong leadership, teams and processes, and they possess the knowledge to navigate the complexities of the cyberthreat landscape.

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