Top 10 CFOs to Watch in 2021

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Tom Hohman, IntelliBridge

Tom Hohman

Chief Financial Officer, IntelliBridge

Under Tom Hohman’s leadership, IntelliBridge completed two significant acquisitions within the last 12 months. Both used capital raises through debt financing, which Hohman led minimizing equity dilution.

The two acquisitions have positioned IntelliBridge to enter 2021 with extensive technology, intelligence and mission support capabilities and prime customer footprints across defense, federal law enforcement and civilian agencies.

In addition to performing due diligence and closing two acquisitions during 2020, Hohman and his team focused on developing a sound financial infrastructure to support IntelliBridge future growth. This included integrating financial teams, developing best practices/processes, and fully automating financials systems.

Why Watch

The main focus for 2021 will be to leverage the automation gains and financial infrastructure established in 2020 and continue to focus on best practices and processes and internal controls to support IntelliBridge’s growth.

The acquisitions will increase the workload and responsibilities of the financial team and it will be important in 2021 to maintain a positive culture to retain and hire the best finance team. Automation, efficient processes and good internal controls will ensure IntelliBridge will continue to scale appropriately to support a rapidly growing company.

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