Top 10 CFOs to Watch in 2021

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Top 10 CFOs to Watch in 2021In a competitive government contracting market, companies work strategically, efficiently and receptively to grow — all while responding to business challenges during a pandemic, and sustaining best business practices and a talent-retaining culture. These mission-oriented private companies serving federal agencies may vary in size and solutions but relate in strong financial leadership driven by missions and customer needs. And to excel in a thriving GovCon market following a year of unprecedented obstacles, companies rely on a few things: mergers and acquisitions, strategic growth initiatives, strong operations and smooth integrations.

That doesn’t happen without financial leadership. For WashingtonExec’s Top 10 Chief Financial Officers to Watch in 2021 list, we identified the best of the best in private companies putting long-term growth, strategy and profitability first, based on their accomplishments, impact on internal financial and operational goals, and vision for the near-term future — bringing exactly what the GovCon community needs to empower competition and success.

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