ManTech Wins $273M DHS Award

Bryce Pippert, ManTech

Technology solutions provider ManTech has won a 5-year, $273 million contract with the Department of Homeland Security to provide Business Intelligence Support Services, or BISS, that advance Customs and Border Protection capabilities to preempt acts of crime and terrorism.

ManTech’s BISS has been used by CBP successfully since 2017 to prevent terrorist attacks, intercept illegal drugs and other illicit trade, stop human trafficking, detect and disconnect terror and crime networks, and catch trade sanction violators across 17,500 miles of U.S. borders and coastlines, as well as air space.

Under the new contract, ManTech is to deliver a suite of analytics, automation and artificial intelligence capabilities that signal emerging threats in real time, triggering rapid-fire responses, intervention and targeting of dangerous actors.

ManTech’s analytics, automation and AI capabilities allow it to analyze vast amounts of data “to find and deliver actionable, accurate and relevant intelligence essential to safeguarding our nation,” said Bryce Pippert, executive vice president of ManTech’s Federal Civilian Sector. 

“Harnessing the power of machine learning, we identify data anomalies that might be missed by the human eye, as well as subtle trend shifts that can be highly predictive of future behavior,” he added. 

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