ManTech’s Phillips Honored with 2020 Technology Good Scout Award

Kevin Phillips, ManTech

Kevin Phillips, ManTech

ManTech President and CEO Kevin Phillips has been awarded the 2020 Technology Good Scout Award, in recognition of his contributions to federal agencies through various leadership positions and mission support through ManTech.

The Boy Scouts of America National Capital Area Council presented Phillips with the award, citing his leadership of 9,300 ManTech employees dedicated to delivery of innovative solutions and technologies. Upon receiving the award, Phillips cited various Scout laws, emphasizing the impact the organization has had on the nation, his life, his family and his career.

Phillips spoke on the importance of the Boy Scout law of trustworthiness at ManTech, saying “our mission, vision and values are based on the foundation of honesty, integrity and trustworthiness.” He compared the operations at ManTech to those expected of the Boy Scouts ­— dedication to being a trusted partner.

Phillips went on to discuss the Boy Scout value of volunteerism, an element embedded in ManTech’s operations, started by co-founder George Pedersen and emphasized through the close relationships between Pedersen and the Boy Scouts of America National Capital Area Council.

Finally, Phillips shared the importance of being prepared, recounting personal stories his son’s Scouting experiences, as well as his personal industry experiences. He said it’s essential to master “the art and science of thinking ahead and being ready for any outcome.”

Phillips concluded his remarks with a message of gratitude to the Boy Scouts of America National Capital Area Council, sharing the impact the organization has had on his life and career.

“The personal commitment to do one’s best is the essence of being a scout — one that stays with a person long after they’ve hung up their scout cap… thank you to the Scouts for the impact on my life, my loved ones and those I’ve admired in business,” he said.

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