Top 30 Public Sector Leaders to Watch in 2020: Splunk’s Frank Dimina

Frank Dimina, Spunk

It’s the Dawn of the Data Age. The world generates more data than ever imagined. But for public sector organizations, that data too often remains untapped. Amid a global inflection point, when facilities shuttered nationwide and American workers retreated homeward, public sector data’s intrinsic value offered fresh potential for solving problems.

At Splunk, Frank Dimina and his team live to bring data to the public sector mission. In 2019, that meant becoming the first data platform to achieve Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program authorization as more federal agencies adopted cloud. In March 2020, it meant pivoting to help public sector agencies facing a new crisis: How would they carry out the mission undisrupted amid extraordinary global disruption from COVID-19?

To fulfill emergent needs around the rapid transition to telework, Splunk rolled out Remote Work Insights on its Data-to-Everything platform. Splunk’s mission took off, with Dimina and his team bringing RWI to government agencies and higher education, providing them with visibility into security, capacity, availability and performance — ultimately ensuring services remained available and employees stayed connected and productive.

Why Watch

As public sector organizations look to what’s next — including a return to facilities — Dimina and Splunk continue to provide customers with critical capabilities for strategically and confidently moving their missions forward. For example, helping higher ed leaders make better-informed decisions in safely bringing back staff and students with data.

“The opportunity to take action on data has never been greater,” Dimina said. “My highest priority is to help public sector organizations turn data into doing with empathy and flexibility.”

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