Top 25 MarCom Leaders to Watch in 2020

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Eileen Cassidy Rivera, Cerner Corp.

Eileen Cassidy Rivera, Director, Government Services and Industry Positioning, Cerner Corp.

Eileen Cassidy Rivera joined Cerner as director of industry positioning to build awareness and recognition for Cerner’s work as it modernizes and transforms the electronic health record programs of the departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense, and to expand Cerner’s business across the federal health market.

Rivera created a marketing and communications strategy to position Cerner as the premier thought leader in federal health IT, and to champion its ability to bring the right partners and innovation to solve health care challenges.

Rivera leads Cerner’s efforts to address some the nation’s most pressing public health challenges, including suicide. She cultivated relationships with leading organizations including the Life Aid Research Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to reducing suicide among at-risk communities — veterans and first responders.

Under Rivera’s leadership, Cerner made its largest charitable contribution as the founding sponsor of the Life Aid initiative. Her efforts are helping ignite a national conversation about the need to reduce suicide by engaging the public through a campaign focused on reducing the stigma of mental health and brain injuries that often prevent at-risk veterans and first responders from seeking support before they are in crisis. Through her work on suicide prevention, Rivera seeks to build Cerner’s brand and create new relationships with the federal government, private sector and research organizations.

Why Watch

For the remainder of 2020, Rivera will lead innovative MarCom campaigns, including the launch Cerner’s new webinar series, Federal Pulse, an interactive platform that dives into emerging topics, trends and priorities in federal health featuring government, academia, nonprofits and industry leaders to provide clever analysis and new insights.

In addition, Rivera is leading Cerner’s first advertising in the Washington, D.C., Columbus, Ohio, and Pacific Northwest media markets to highlight its work with VA and inform the veteran community about how to benefit from Cerner’s modernization and transformation of the new electronic health record program.

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