Alpha Omega Integration Buys Confiance Group

Gautam Ijoor

Gautam Ijoor, Alpha Omega 

In an effort to better serve customers by streamlining processes and moving systems toward robotic process automation and hyper automation, technology provider Alpha Omega Integration has acquired Confiance Group. 

Confiance Group has successfully delivered thousands of bots to automate several enterprise processes at more than 15% of Fortune 500 firms.

“The global pandemic has shifted businesses to a remote-first work culture, and the new normal makes business continuity the No. 1 priority,” said Alpha Omega CEO Gautam Ijoor. “Alpha Omega’s primary goal is customer success, so the addition of Robotics Process Automation becomes more the rule than the exception on our contracts.”

Alpha Omega’s contract review process focuses on including RPA, machine learning and artificial intelligence, to slash costs and increase efficiency. With this acquisition, Alpha Omega will integrate more than 100 accelerators from Confiance to provide intelligent automation solutions to streamline federal loan servicing, grants management, contact center, claims processing and other processes that result in accelerating citizen engagement.

“With intelligent automation powered by Confiance accelerators, we will be able to deliver end-to-end disruptive solutions beyond RPA by combining complementary technologies such as AI, Business Process Automation (BPA) and Low Code,” said Alpha Omega Chief Technology Officer Mahe Rangareddy.

“This acquisition will instantly help our innovative employees start integrating RPA capabilities into current contracts and help customers focus on higher value work while automating complex, routine and mundane tasks,” he added. 

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