Perspecta Labs Wins $37M DARPA Contract to Improve Network Card Speed 

Petros Mouchtaris, Perspecta Labs

Perspecta Inc.’s applied research arm, Perspecta Labs, has received a prime contract award on the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Fast Network Interface Cards, or FastNICs, program.

The award, which represents new work for the company, has a total potential ceiling value of $37 million and a 4-year period of performance if all options are exercised.

FastNICs aims to speed up complex computing applications, such as the distributed training of machine learning classifiers and video analysis applications, through the development, implementation, integration and validation of innovative networking approaches.

“Perspecta Labs will leverage its expertise in networking, systems and distributed computing to provide an innovative, secure solution to the FastNICs challenge,” said Petros Mouchtaris, president of Perspecta Labs. “We are looking forward to working closely with our DARPA customer to deliver hundredfold improvements for demanding mission critical applications.”

On the program, Perspecta Labs is to research, design, develop and demonstrate new network interface hardware that operates at a 10-terabit-per-second speed and the associated system and programming software to manage and use the new hardware.

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  1. Jonathan Levitt on

    Congratulations to Perspecta Labs for getting the big contract. Aside from that previously they were awarded for a defensive cyber-contract by the United States Army. Perspecta Lab’s role within the program will be to research, design, develop, demonstrate, and deliver a machine learning for defensive cyber-operations solution. Jonathan from

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