MAXIMUS Supports States in Managing Rising Unemployment Claims

Bruce Caswell, MAXIMUS

Bruce Caswell, MAXIMUS

Government services provider MAXIMUS announced June 23 it’s augmenting agencies in nine states, providing remote agents in support of Unemployment Insurance and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance claims.

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented number of people have filed for unemployment benefits. MAXIMUS has been tasked to help multiple states by providing additional support for the surge in claims.

The company’s everyday goal is to help citizens connect to crucial government services, said MAXIMUS President and CEO Bruce Caswell.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a multitude of issues for Americans, including millions who have lost their jobs,” he added. “Our work with states is focused on ensuring these citizens quickly get access to the benefits they deserve and drastically cutting down on the backlog of unanswered claims.”

In Idaho, the company is assisting the Labor Department by answering questions, assisting individuals with their applications and reducing hold times for callers. In Louisiana, MAXIMUS is supporting the State Workforce Commission by answering residents’ questions and assisting them with the UI and PUA application process. The company also is supporting efforts in Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont and Virginia.

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