Amyx Provides Governmentwide COVID-19 Response Support

Satya Akula, Amyx

Satya Akula, Amyx

In efforts to help mitigate the spread and impact of COVID-19, government management and IT services provider Amyx is providing support to frontline response agencies and assisting health organizations to procure critical medical supplies.

Amyx has been providing daily operational support to U.S. Transportation Command and its partners since January. The company is developing real-time status of COVID-19 impacts to the government’s supply chain operations using visualization tools and an internal SharePoint instance. This is enabling situational awareness and collaboration for the Operational Planning Team, a joint group of combatant commands and air and sea service components.

Amyx Geographic Information System developers are also building a Common Operating Picture through customized dashboards for COVID-19 response activities, which includes data from the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, the Transportation Department, Johns Hopkins, nongovernmental organizations and governmental agencies.

By working with the private sector, the Defense Department and other federal agencies, Amyx is helping the Defense Logistics Agency respond to urgent requests for ventilators and associated accessory items. The company has configured DLA web applications and data extracts to provide better visibility into sources of supply and pricing data for ordering medical assets, like medical, surgical and pharmaceutical supplies used by the U.S. Navy Hospital Ships Mercy and Comfort.

Amyx is also providing the Defense Health Agency and the Military Health System with expedited acquisition support to execute contracts and procurements for DOD’s COVID-19 response operations. The Amyx Support Agreements Team helped create the Memorandums of Agreement with academic and DOD partners for the development and operations of accurate weekly COVID-19 forecasting models for military treatment facilities.

And in terms of medical supplies, Amyx has helped to quickly develop and coordinate multimillion-dollar financial agreements with U.S. government health organizations to store, manage, maintain and transport medical and surgical supplies and related Personal Protective Equipment to support the DOD Pandemic Influenza Stockpile Program.

Amyx President and CEO Satya Akula said the entire Amyx team is committed to partnering with federal, civilian and defense agencies during this crisis.

Along with all supporting measures above, Akula added, “these are just a few instances of the support that we are delivering — we’re also providing cybersecurity and information services, data analytics and decision support tools, as well as technical and professional services subject matter experts in a coordinated effort to respond to and manage the impacts of the pandemic.”

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    There’s a typo in the first paragraph – should be supplies, not supples.

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