Rory Schultz Joins Salient CRGT as Executive Director of Strategic Programs

Rory Schultz, Salient CRGT

Salient CRGT, Inc., has welcomed Rory Schultz as new executive director of strategic programs for its Civilian Services Group.

Schultz will manage a civilian sector portfolio totaling over $180 million annually, with programs involving both IT infrastructure services and application development engagements.

“I am honored to join such a talented team and look forward to providing our customers with outstanding system development and design, software delivery, and modernization services,” Schultz said.

The Civilian Services Group’s Senior Vice President Atacan Donmez said he asked Schultz to ensure he maintains the group’s focus on delivering quality to its customers.

“Enabling our customers to meet their goals and continuing to maintain focus on our employees is vital,” Donmez said. “I am confident that his leadership will continue to foster our growth and provide the best service to our clients.”

A 35-year veteran of the federal government, Schultz started as an intern and advanced to complex positions until retiring as a GS-15. He has worked for the Executive Office of the President, and the departments of Treasury and Agriculture.

For the last 10 years, Schultz has been atUSDA, first as the acting chief information officer and chief technology officer for daily operations with the Food and Nutrition Service. For the last four years, he served as the client executive with the CIO/Client Experience Center.

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